Presonus ADL600

Focusrite ISA-428

Lynx Aurora 16

Vintage Pair Brass Capsule AKG C414EB

Blue Kiwi

Focusrite ISA ONE & Warm Audio WA12

The Most Important Gear – EARS!

Coupled with experience, the recording engineer’s ears are the most important component in getting a great recording. They help determine the right equipment to use, placement of the mic’s, EQ, effects,¬†etc. If it sounds good to the engineer and the artist, then the gear used means very little.

The proof is in the pudding

That being said, here is some of what Red Door Recording has right now:



Tascam FW-1884 DAW Control Surface AVID Pro Tools 11
Lynx Aurora 16 A/D & D/A Converter Steinberg Wavelab 7
AKG C414 – Vintage Matched Pair Presonus ADL600
Blue Kiwi Focusrite ISA-ONE & ISA-428
Rode NTK Tube Mic x 2 Warm Audio WA12 x 2
Shure SM7B A-Designs P-1 x 2
Oktava 219 Aphex 107
Shinybox 46MXC Ribbon Amps
Shure 57’s and SMBeta57A Fender Princeton 112
Marshall Valvestate 50
Kurzweil SP4-8 88 Key Digital Piano Premier 50 Harp Amp – Vintage
Ampeg BA-115 Bass Amp